About our Viberg Special Make-ups!

Back at it again with the custom Vibergs. We went and did a little foraging this spring and the Mushroom Chamois Roughout Scout boots were the reward. Sitting atop a 1035, these Moosehide beauties are a sight to behold. The colour that comes through on this boot is truly realized when the sun hits. The olive tone is one of the most versatile colours in any mans closet and can be paired with any number of fits. Before we get carried away, let’s not forget about the sole unit on these. Using a Vibram Moreflex crepe sole, this is probably our most comfortable boot you’ll have on from day one.
The Scout Boot however wasn’t the only treat we came across. The Derby shoe in a Chromexecel colour 8 is one for the books. We feel this is an essential derby for anyone looking for that dress shoe that can suit every occasion. Give this Derby a bit of love and you’ll find yourself with a treasured gem. Wear them with some clean chinos or throw them on with your favourite jeans, this derby straddles all walks of life. With its antique edge, double leather sole and brass eyelets, this classic shoe is not one to be missed.