Shoes Like Pottery SS 14

In a world saturated with a plethora of sneakers, baking shoes in an oven can sound like a gimmick, but for anyone who grew up skating, they would know that throwing your sneakers in the oven is not an alien idea. 
The Japanese process for this is called kary-u, producing a rubber sole that is softer, more flexible and more durable than its conventional counterparts. In their factory in Kurume, Japan, the canvas uppers are carefully hand-stitched to the raw rubber outsole then they are fired in a kiln at 120C for 70 minutes. The sulfur in the rubber transforms the material into the desired texture and durability. 
New to lost & found for the spring/summer season is the indigo dyed Japanese canvas. Once exclusive only to the Japanese market, now available at lost & found, also in smaller sizes for women. 
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