Colin Ozawa makes a toy with Lost & Found

About two and a half years ago a conversation started between Lost & Found and Colin Ozawa. We were approaching our 10 year anniversary in 2021 and we wanted to do something special. We had just discovered Colin's work and decided to reach out to him not with a toy in mind but maybe a t-shirt, print who knows but that quickly took a turn for the better...

The suggestion of making a toy was brought up and the light in everyone's eyes just lit up...and the brainstorming began. Morty, fashion and basketball were the three main components obviously. The name Carter is an ode to Vince Carter for putting Toronto basketball on the map, he's decked out in all our favourite brands and well, then there is Mo, Morty, Momo, Mortissimo however you want to call him he is our shop dog and he is one of a kind. So what better way to imMORTalize Morty than his own toy. But we didn't stop there...we had to make a basketball. Why? Because we hoop and ball is life.

With all this being said, we owe a debt of gratitude to Colin and his team. Not only did they go above and beyond with the animation and time spent designing, but we are utterly blown away by the end result. Another shoutout to Toyqube as well for making this happen.

On a side note personally, this is a dream come true. To make and release a toy for our store is not something we could have ever imagined. So thank you to everyone who made this happen you are why we do what we do and could not imagine this ride without you. That goes for all our friends, family, customers, vendors, suppliers, you name it you have all been instrumental in this so for that, we thank you. I'm not crying you're crying.

Releases Saturday, September 24th at 10amEST. Each toy purchased tomorrow will come with a custom tote bag as well! This is limited to 100 units!