New York Trip FW18!

Norse Projects GoretexNorse ProjectsNorse ProejctsNorse ProjectsVibergVibergVibergBattenwearHowlin'Bowery Meat CompanyBower Meat CompanyBarenaHELLO BIG APPLE! We recently hopped on a jet plane and flew out to NYC to check out what our favourite brands have in store for Fall/Winter 2018. Feast your eyes on our beautiful owners' (Jonathan Elias and Justin Veiga) and buyer's (Chrys Nguyen) faces as they take on the voyage.

We saw some of our current brands who have some good things coming up. Norse is fully licensed to create Gortex products now. Nuff said! Ryan and Guy at Viberg showed us some new leathers/silhouettes and even a running shoe prototype they've been working at. Pretty impressive. We even popped by Battenwear to say what's up to Shinya and see his next collection of amazing adventure gear crafted right in NYC.

The gang inhaled some dinner at Bowery Meat Company (joined by Kyle from Bather!). If you haven't been, you're missing out on some magnificent eats and fantastic atmosphere! What a way for Chrys to celebrate her 34th birthday :)

The question remains, did we see any new brands? Abso-frickin-lutely! We stopped by Barena, the purveyors of Italian fabric and sophisticated elegance - and we loved it! It's looking promising for FW18...

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