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The day began as most should - with a solid breakfast! We hit The Butcher's Daughter for some heart friendly feasts. It's most assuredly one of our favourites for atmosphere, service, and taste!

Our first stop of the day was a big one. We headed out of Manhattan temporarily to check out Engineered Garments. We're excited about this one. When it comes to EG you know what to expect but it doesn't stop you from being amazed. Look out for some elaborate shirting and pants.

Next, we hit up our buds at Schnayderman's to see their latest offering. We really support these guys. Each season their growth continues with new offerings, different silhouettes and banger prints and plaids!
Then we stopped off at Baz bagels for a quick bite. Talk about fresh! If you're a bagel lover then put Baz on your lunch list for NYC and you will not be disappointed!
After fueling up, the rest of the day was spent between Gitman Vintage Bros., Barena Venezia and, of course, our beloved Alden Shoe Company.

Gitman's got some incredible collaborations planned for SS19. They're truly raising the bar and coming up with some very unexpected pieces. Prints? Beautiful as always. What can we say? We do love them Gitman shirts!

Barena Venezia is going to be new to the roster for Fall 18 and we already can't wait for SS19. They really do a great job and are very sophisticated in their approach to fit and material. Look out for some REALLY cool pants!

Our last stop of the day was the one and only Alden Shoes who've set up shop at MRKET exhibition. We've got some sweet special make-ups planned as usual with some new and interesting leathers delivering sooner than you think so keep your eyes peeled!

Day 3 awaits...

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