The Butcher's Daughter at shoplostfoundMan SHow NYC at shoplostfoundCorridor NYC Man ShowGarbstore MAN show NYCHowlin Knitwear MAN show NYCHowlin Knitwear MAN show NYC Viberg MAN show NYCViberg MAN show NYCSmile to Go SOHO NYCBattenwear SS19 at shoplostfoundBattenwear NYC SS19 2 at shoplostfoundWe started our day at The Butcher's Daughter again. Sue us. It's so damn good!

After breakfast we were off to the first meetings of the day...

...this is a big one. We'll break it down for you.

At MAN SHOW we saw Corridor, Garbstore, Howlin', Viberg, Diemme, Adsum, Arpenteur, and Jupe by Jackie.

Corridor is known primarily for shirting. We're not going to shy away next season. They've found some really interested prints and fabrics for themselves. One work describes Garbstore's upcoming collection: knits! Good ones too. We're excited for another bright and rambunctious collection from Howlin', psychedelic references much intact. We have something really special planned for Viberg. We can't quite talk about it yet but, it's going to be special. We're impressed by how daring they're going to be with new silhouettes. Kudos to them! Our boys at Adsum had a stellar collection. Look out for an upcoming interview with head designer and founder Pete! Arpenteur's SS19 is an absolute banger. If you thought the last Paraboot collab was tight get your mind ready to be obliterated. There's some fantastic shirting and jackets in store as well.

We ended the day at none other than Battenwear where Shinya Hasegawa continues to cook up an eclectic mix of colourful outdoorsy fun clothing with special considerations to functionality. They are true pioneers. It's gonna be great!

Stay tuned for Day 4!