Short Pants Only! A Heat Warning Editorial

Beams Plus Beach Shorts Print Batik OrangeSage de Cret One Tack Wide Short Pants NavySage de Cret One Tack Wide Short Pants Navy 2Carhartt W.I.P. Penrod Short Hamilton BrownCarhartt W.I.P. Penrod Short Hamilton Brown 2Save Khaki United Corduroy Easy Short IndigoSave Khaki United Corduroy Easy Short Indigo 2Beams Plus MIL Athletic Short Pants ECO Olive

The heat is too much this Summer for the everyday traveller! If you're able to wear chinos, jeans and cargos during 30+ degree weather, we salute you. All we want though is to feel the breeze on our shins and sudden gusts of wind to relieve us from our consistent sweating, even when standing still! We've thrown together a few extreme heat approved fits for SS20 but all you need to focus on are the shorts, the rest doesn't really matter now.


Beams Plus, Carhartt W.I.P. & Save Khaki United have more than enough short pants to go around but a few other brands are not to be overlooked season. Our mentality is that less time should be spent indoors when the sun is beaming down, even though AC is our new saviour, and we're going to let the outfits speak for themselves this time around!