Spotlight: Barena Venezia

Barena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Cammello at shoplostfound 1Barena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Cammello at shoplostfound 2Barena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Cammello fitBarena Venezia Torceo Jacket Navy at shoplostfound Barena Venezia Torceo Jacket Cammello hungBarena Venezia Lio Trousers Nero at shoplostfoundBarena Venezia Lio Trousers Nero hungBarena Venezia Cedro Overshirt Unico at shoplostfoundBarena Venezia Cedro Overshirt Unico hungBarena Venezia Cosma Trousers Navy at shoplostfoundBarena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Nero at shoplostfoundBarena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Nero hungBarena Venezia Capospalla Petrone Nero at shoplostfound 2Barena Venezia Fall Winter 2018 at shoplostfound 1Barena Venezia Fall Winter 2018 at shoplostfound 2Barena Venezia Fall Winter 2018 at shoplostfound 3From Picasso to the Coliseum, Italy has inspired and transformed countless cultural movements that have permeated every walk of life. When speaking about Barena Venezia, you can’t skim over its birthplace. The region of Veneto stretches from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea and due to its prolific history, has become one of the most economically developed areas in all of Italy.

From the waterways in Venice to the rural pastures of Veneto’s western communities, the need for refined workwear that looked as good as it performed was always in demand. Those values still ring true for Barena as the hustle and bustle of high and fast fashion is nowhere in sight.

As if spurred by an ancestral calling, Barena Venezia is focused on continuing traditions with a level of passion that is sometimes overlooked. Using locally sourced patterns to continually reinvent clothing their fathers, fathers wore; every garment expresses a quality that is instantly recognized as timeless. Described as being “life itself’, the sensibilities of fine tuned tailoring with an attention to fabric, form and fit have proven to be the guiding principles for these workwear purists.

For FW18, you can see that we went with a limited colour palette and the most quintessential fabrics in an attempt to establish our opinion of Barena and how it fits uniquely into our existing lineup. 

With collections for both genders ranging from sports coats, classic button ups and trousers of every kind, the breadth of knowledge and appreciation of classic styling with modern aesthetics is evident at every turn.

Their Capospalla Petrone is such a modern masterpiece in terms of detailing and material that it can go toe to toe with any vintage jacket of the same ilk. Be it a play on traditional houndstooth or sweatshirt like fabric, the strength of this coat and others like it this season comes from their tireless dedication and observation of our surrounding world and how we fit within it.

With a firm foundation now set on and delivered, only time will reveal the exciting journey toward Barena Venezia being a staple at lost & found.

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