Spotlight: Il Bussetto

Spotlight: Il Bussetto 1Spotlight: Il Bussetto 2Spotlight: Il Bussetto 3Spotlight: Il Bussetto 4Spotlight: Il Bussetto 5Spotlight: Il Bussetto 6Spotlight: Il Bussetto 7Spotlight: Il Bussetto 8Spotlight: Il Bussetto 9Spotlight: Il Bussetto 10Spotlight: Il Bussetto 11Spotlight: Il Bussetto 12Spotlight: Il Bussetto 13Spotlight: Il Bussetto 14Spotlight: Il Bussetto 15Spotlight: Il Bussetto 16Spotlight: Il Bussetto 17Spotlight: Il Bussetto 18Spotlight: Il Bussetto 19A few different wallet and accessory brands have come and gone throughout the years but with Il Bussetto, I think we have a keeper. With its founding origins in Milan, Mauro Gobbi has created one of the cleanest and most diverse range of leather goods on the market. After years in the leather business, he stumbled upon a seamless leather technique unique to Tuscany and took that knew found knowledge to Thailand. All the leather used in production is hand picked by Mauro himself and only during the best times of the year. If you’ve seen Il Bussetto in person, the colours achieved are deep and vibrant yet have a unique texture that reminds present. This is due to each item being painted by hand using natural dyes and the quality of leather used in every piece of their collection.

Being our first season with the brand we decided to showcase the variety and many uses for everyday life Il Bussetto has come up with. The Zip All Around Bill Fold and Business Card Holder are great options to use as wallets on both sides of the size spectrum. The use of an all around zipper makes getting to your cards and bills a whole lot easier while keeping everything secure when not in use. If you don’t happen to carry a business card everywhere, some pocket change and a Presto card make the perfect replacement in the magnetically locked Card Holder. Keeping things minimal and out of sight, the Credit Card case can hold about 4-5 pieces of plastic comfortably for quick access if a wallet is not up your alley.

A matching Passport Holder and Bic Pen Cover will have you looking like a don when you’re filling out that declaration card on your next flight. With a few pockets for essential cards, an ID and maybe some cash too, your passport can now match your luggage with 3 different colours for the season. Now unless you’re a frequent flyer, the pen holder will age beautifully if used on a daily basis thanks to the Italian Vegetable Tanned leather used in every product.
Last but definitely not least, this smoker friendly accessory is one you’ll end up looking at more than using! With the constant use that lighters gets, especially at the mini size, the Cover Lighter is a sturdy case bound to soften up and build a unique patina as it passes hands.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a longtime fan or never heard of Il Bussetto but we had to put you on! From day to day activities to a sudden trip, each product is made with a tradition and purpose that will mold to your lifestyle for years to come.

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