Spring Summer 20 Editorial: Alden!

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If you've been a fan of the shop since day one or recently stumbled upon us, you'll know that Alden holds a special place in our hearts. Hailing from Middleborough, Massachusetts, these handmade shoes have been celebrated for their attention to detail and beautiful selection of leathers from around the world. With over five years of custom makeups under our belt, we thought that matching a few of our favourites with new SS20 gear would be a great way to get inspired for Spring! 

Starting off with one of the more recent additions to the shop, the Moc Toe Blucher combines various elements from across the Alden collection to create the perfect everyday shoe. Crafted on a full leather Barrie last, this beauty features a buttery snuff suede that will only look better with time. Also coming in a colour 8 cordovan, the low cut and slim design works well to balance relaxed pieces such as the shop favourite Beams Plus 2 Pleat Chino.

You can ever go wrong with natural leather and our take on the Tassel Loafer does everything right! Using chromexcel leather, which takes about a full month and 89 processes to make, the level of patina one can get from daily wear is something dreams are made of. Leather soled to keep the silhouette as clean as possible, there's no reason why a suit can't be swapped out for Sage de Cret cargos and a jacket from The Real McCoy's when the weather calls for it!

Have you ever seen a boot look this good?! A few years ago we made a colour 8 Plain Toe Boot and ever since then we've all been dreaming of a black version. Made with a plantation crepe sole for maximum comfort and a heel tab to help slip them on, this is our first makeup with the militant and orthopedic 379X last. Now, for those who haven't experienced cordovan leather in all of its glory, know that it doesn't crease. It's essentially waterproof and it polishes itself. It's almost as if this boot was made for Spring!

Aside from maybe the classic Indy Boot, finding the right brown boot is a task many can't handle but we might have designed the only one that should be on your radar! Using the Plain Toe Navy Blucher as our base this time around, we went with a French sourced walnut brown leather with brass eyelets for a subtle hit of contrast matching its sole. Worn with earthy tones courtesy of Engineered Garments and Battenwear, this is one boot that can walk between multiple styles without looking forced.

Now that you've seen how a company dating back to 1884 can get down in SS20, we hope we were able to spark some inspiration in you for years to come. With almost 20 different custom makeups available at the shop and online, there's a style that can work for anyone!