Summer Essentials: Short Sleeve Shirts

Anatomica Hawaiian Shirt Black at shoplostfoundGitman Vintage Bros Umbrella Paper Print at shoplostfound
SK Manor Hill Aloha Shirt Floral at shoplostfoundThe Real McCoy's mS16005 n-3 utility shirt at shoplostfoundAdsum BD Popover Stretch Oxford at shoplostfoundCarhartt WIP Master Shirt at shoplostfoundAren't short sleeved shirts awesome? Dinner date? Short sleeved shirt. Heading to the park? Short sleeved shirt. Weekend trip to the cottage? Gotta have a short sleeved shirt!

We've got a lot of options here with a little something for everybody whether you want a crazy print that's fun and colourful, something military/vintage inspired, or just something really plain and simple that will look good with a pair of jeans or slacks.

In the crazy prints department we've got goods from Anatomica, Gitman Vintage Bros, and S.K. Manor Hill. Anatomica's Hawaiian shirts have a great island print mixed with a comfy casual boxy fit. It's a super light cotton as well that's made in Japan with great attention to detail. Gitman Vintage Bros fits a little slimmer but same idea - great print, material, and summery spread collar. S.K. Manor Hill's Aloha shirt actually features elongated sleeves - think raglan baseball tee. Fabric wise, that Aloha Floral print is just superb.

On the simpler side, let's start with The Real McCoy's Utility shirt. It's just fantastic. 2 chest pockets, curved hem - what's not to love? Welcome home Sergeant. On the lighter side we have a popover stretch oxford from Adsum. Adsum has proved themselves a force to be reckoned with in just 2 seasons. From shirting to unique jackets and even overalls, they're not afraid to take risks. This shirt however, quite simple and well done. It's a little less buttoning and a little more popover. Last but not least, the Master shirt from Carhartt WIP. It's called the master shirt for a reason. Everybody should have a master shirt or one like it. Straight up and down shirting. No games here. 100% Cotton twill, 2 chest pockets, in a regular fit.

Next up, t-shirts!

In order of appearance:

Anatomica Hawaiian Shirt
Gitman Vintage Bros Paper Umbrella Print
S.K. Manor Hill Aloha Shirt
The Real McCoy's MS16005 N-3 Utility Shirt
Adsum BD Popover Stretch Oxford
Carhartt WIP Master Shirt

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