Summer Fitness: Sportswear for SS19

Sportswear at shoplostfound 1Sportswear at shoplostfound 2Sportswear at shoplostfound 3Sportswear at shoplostfound 4Sportswear at shoplostfound 5Sportswear at shoplostfound 6Sportswear at shoplostfound 7Sportswear at shoplostfound 8Sportswear at shoplostfound 9Sportswear at shoplostfound 10Sportswear at shoplostfound 11Sportswear at shoplostfound 13Sportswear at shoplostfound 14Sportswear at shoplostfound 16Sportswear at shoplostfound 15Sportswear at shoplostfound 16Sportswear at shoplostfound 17Sportswear at shoplostfound 18Sportswear at shoplostfound 18Sportswear at shoplostfound 20Sportswear at shoplostfound 21Sportswear at shoplostfound 22Sportswear at shoplostfound 23Sportswear at shoplostfound 24Staying active in the heat doesn’t mean spandex and compression gear is all you can wear. We’ve gone through our extensive roster this season and picked out some of the best calorie burning clothes we’ve got! With a DSPTCH pack full of gear and a slight obsession with Nike, let's break down the ways you can fashionably sweat at Lost & Found.
You might have seen this sweatsuit online or at the shop, but Beams Plus knocked it out the of the park with this one. Their Lightweight Sweatsuit set comes relaxed with a looser ribbing providing all the breathability you need during an early morning workout. Coming in grey, orange and purple, the orange variation was the perfect choice to go with when paired with some classic Air Force 1’s. The subtle gum sole and team red hits of this Nike flagship makes for a memorable colour-way we hope to see throughout the years.
Continuing on the lightweight theme, Lady White Co. and National Athletic are always on point with their Summer ready offerings. The Lite Jersey is a new piece from our southern friends with a cut more on the vintage side to keep things loose and comfortable. Since we’re at a track, it made sense to pull out the Track Shorts and match things up. With a short and boxy cut, we sized up on them this time around so the breeze wasn’t missed out on! Now that the tee is tucked and shorts are fastened, the only thing needed is a crisp blue pair of Air Max 1’s and a watch to set it off. Possibly increasing your aerodynamic potential, this variation of the bubble equipped runners features a flipped tongue giving it a unique inside out effect. Since you’re training and not refereeing this time around, Nigel Cabourn’s latest collaboration with Timex will keep your routine on track and to schedule every time.
Everyone hates them, but we all know running stairs is worth the effort. In order to get into the climbing mood, we first had to throw on a Real McCoy’s Athletic T-Shirt and some Woven Tear Away Pants from Nike just in case things got too hot. The loopwheeled cotton does wonders in the heat and the ventilation created by the “open” out-seam on the track pants is key. The day ended up being a scorcher so we ripped off the top layer to show some love to vintage sportswear! Going with the yellow version of Adsum’s Site Short (also comes in blue), this activity prone nylon bottom has all the details you want and the fit allows for all the mobility you need in a day's session. Like the fits before it, an OG sneaker silhouette can never die. The Tailwind '79 is back with hits of blue and gum detailing and thanks to a wider sole, your footing should never be off.
If you’re already hitting the gym, we hope this might give you some inspiration on what to sweat in for tomorrow's workout. For those toying with the idea of running in 20º C and up weather, here’s what you could look like minus the sweat. Check out the pieces below with a few extra goodies guaranteed to get you a beach body in no time!

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