The Selection No. 025

You can always spice up a good fit by adding some contrasting tones to what you rock. Mix some lighter and darker colours for a truly eye-catching appeal. It's science. The Denim Garage jacket from Stüssy is a stand out piece for the season. The cut is different from what you've usually seen: single back panel and large dual-breast pockets = perfection. Velva tees are the name of the game - being that they are made in the US of A and come in these awesome washed vintage-feeling colours. Corridor is a new brand for us but they've been absolutely killing it in the trouser game. The Seersucker pant is very lightweight and the navy fabric has a deep finish that adds a contemporary feel to it. Converse 1970's are just pure classic love. For his first time trying them on, Michael said they definitely made his feet feel extra loved courtesy of that extra insole native specifically to the 1970's iteration.