The Selection No. 028

Here's an in-between Winter to Spring fit that's showing some spring colours but still keeping a sense of that winter layering around. The spinner jacket from Adsum NYC is a true banger to say the least. It's that futuristic utilitarian piece that will surprise you with the ease and versatility it has to be placed in different fits. Norse Projects light faux suede caps keep things simple. That's a shade of blue we can most certainly live with! Trust in Gitman Vintage Bros for your shirts with awesome summer prints. In fact, just trust in Gitman Vintage Bros regardless! Since 1978 baby! The Real McCoy's is the real deal. So are those trousers. You don't have to be decked out in army surplus to rock these bad boys. Mix things up! Last but not least, you're going to be rocking A LOT of sneakers this summer. Why not Adidas? Nothing better than those 3 stripes. That's what we call classic.

Adsum Spinner Jacket
Norse Projects Light Faux Suede Flat Cap
Gitman Vintage Bros Pagoda Print Short Sleeve Shirt
The Real McCoy's MP17006 HBT Fatigue Trousers
Adidas Originals Samba OG

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