The Selection No. 032

We can’t really get enough of cool jackets, even if the weather is warm. That’s why the pullover parka from Rocky Mountain Featherbed is so dope. It’s so light! Functional too!

If you’re looking for a lightweight sweatshirt, the Zef from Arpenteur is perfect. It’s got pockets and the shortened sleeves and unfinished hem will have you forgetting you’re wearing a sweater. You’ll never replace it either. The quality and finishing is nothing short of typical Arpenteur awesomeness.

This fit might seem low-key casual but the gear is actually quite adventurous. Take the Thomas Stretch pants for example: They're 5% elastane for a flexible fitting pant that you can move in and the adjustable ankle snaps can help keep things in check. Fabric wise, expect extreme comfort mixed with unstoppable durability. A special Italian poplin cotton was used in putting these bad boys together. We’ve seen this before on the Thor and Jens shirt. Clearly, this stuff is adaptable.

What says active more than some Nike runners? Air Huarache’s in particular are not only Nike’s most comfortable silhouette but they’ll have you just dying to climb a rock wall or run 5k or whatever you get yourselves up to! The clean monochrome neutral grey colourway is a top shelf selection.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Pullover Parka
Arpenteur Zef Sweatshirt
Norse Projects Thomas Stretch
Nike Air Huarache Run Premium

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