Take Care Of Your Footwear!

When choosing our footwear we make sure that the best natural leathers and components are used during production. We feel this will not only extend the life of your shoes but will also contribute to a lifelong investment. 

General Leather Care:

If your shoes become wet, avoid overexposure to direct heat when drying and let them dry naturally.

Always try to use a shoe tree and please use a shoe horn. Also, give your shoes a rest, do not wear them more that two days in a row, they need to breathe.


Use a shoe brush to clean off all excess dirt and salt. Dabbing a clean cloth into venetian cream and gently rubbing the blemishes throughout the shoe or boot. This will ultimately revive the dried out leather.


This quite possibly could be the greatest shoe polishing video on the internet. If you have the time and patience you should invest in a full shoe polishing kit. Again, this will only help the restoration of your footwear.

Suede Care:

We do not advise you to use a suede brush to clean your suede shoes. The wire brushes are quite harsh and can mark the high quality suede that we use. You can steam your shoes to add a little life but be careful not to burn yourself. 

That's about it for today but we will be back to update if we learn of any new and exciting products that hit the market for your footwear cleaning needs!

In the meantime peruse our selection of footwear and enjoy!