A How To: Transitional Outerwear

You don’t need to be Bill Nye to know that the weather’s a little all over the place right now. Fret not! This post is all about the pieces you need to handle everything coming at you as we transition into some serious chill.
Don’t have a waterproof/resistant jacket? A piece like this Sonderby jacket from Elka is good when it’s more wet than cold and more rain than snow. Ya feel me!?

Patagonia jackets are built to handle the elements. When it comes to your all-around spring jacket, look no further. The Stretch Nano Storm.

Don’t unpack your parka yet! Instead, keep yourself insulated with a down vest from Crescent Down Works for now. They’re WAY easier to wear and still packing a punch of heat!

Let’s keep it real – sometimes you just need to swag out. From the crib to the uber to the local bar, you may not be standing in the cold, but you still need a top layer for the fit. Stussy’s got you brother! The Long Coach

Don’t get blown over! Also, don’t let the breeze penetrate your soul man!!! This pull-over jacket from Carhartt W.I.P. is the destroyer of pesky gusts.

For you serious gear-heads, few do the perfect Anorak better than Battenwear. Look how big that Kangaroo pocket is!!! Don’t forget the zips on the front and sides for ease of use. It’s a banger!