A Word: Pete from Adsum

Pete Adsum Interview NYC at shoplostfound 1Pete Adsum Interview NYC at shoplostfound 2Not long ago we spoke with Pete from Adsum about the FW18 collection. Here's what he had to say!

Your mantra describes Adsum’s focus as being on “high quality manufacturing and design”. Can you elaborate on what makes a piece of clothing’s build and design fit this maxim? 

High quality means not cutting any corners. It's about thoughtful design, exceptional components and skilled craftsmanship.

What were your earliest personal experiences with clothing/objects?

It was really shoes that kicked it off for me... As a young kid I was a bit obsessed with what was on my feet. How they were laced up, what socks I had on.. I had something in my head from a young age.  My dad would get a pair and I'd get the same ones. They would last me a full school year. It was a religious experience going to Sporting Life on Yonge Street to pick out a pair of running shoes with my parents.

Adsum blends minimalist sophistication with sporting and outdoors inspired pieces – concepts that seem inherently oppositional in nature.  Is this something that you intentionally set out to do?  If so, how do you find that balance with each piece?

I try to design clothing that's interesting but wearable. I’m influenced by the current city I’m living in (NYC) - a style capital of the world, surrounded by exceptional museums, architecture and retail.  Me and the other guys at Adsum grew up with a love of fashion but we played sports in school and liked getting outside to appreciate things outside of fashion too. This is the juxtaposition that you see in Adsum’s design.

So far, Adsum has established a unique and diverse aesthetic for itself. What’s new in FW18?

For FW18 we’ve shifted to a rich colour palette using purple, maroon, marigold yellow and slate. The inspiration for the collection was the Summit Series that took place between the Canadian and Russian hockey teams in the '70s. Key pieces include a flop-neck fleece sweater, reworked full-zip Anorak,  and Italian moleskin work shirts.

What album could be the soundtrack to Adsum’s FW18 collection?

Adsum FW18 - The Beatles - The White Album.

What's your current fascination?

I love dogs and gardening. I don't have a dog yet but I’m looking forward to owning one soon. Spring is around the corner and I'm  designing planters and benches for my roof in BK.

Finally, what do Adsum fans have to look forward to in future?
We've got some really interesting projects in the works for SS19 that will push me and my colleagues from a design standpoint - something in the footwear space.

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