An exclusive for the ages from Alden!


Do you guys know what Horses and Alden shoes have in common?!... fine ass leathers. And we mean that both literally and figuratively. 

As we like to call it around here, Shell Cordovan is the holy grail of leathers. Made of fine equine leather sourced from the rump of horses (already being slaughtered for meat), the fibrous connective tissue makes for a shiny, smooth, unpebbled leather that has a unique uncreasing characteristic.

Because the shell is a membrane between two epidermis layers, shell cordovan is exceptionally durable. The pores on the leather are so dense that they're invisible to the naked eye- this makes it naturally resistant to water and stretching. And instead of creasing, you'll find that your shell cordovan shoes will produce beautiful ripples.

Now, enter one of our favourite SMUs with esteemed shoe company Alden: the Black Cordovan Plain Toe Boot with the cushiest natural crepe sole. A marriage of class and comfort, this boot is built on the 379X last, also known as the military last, which will keep you marching in comfort all day long. The addition of speed hooks get you in and out of these bad boys effortlessly and the classic silhouette will match up with any outfit you put on. Give these guys a gander in our Alden section and you surely won't be disappointed!