Gift Kit #01

It’s that time of year; there’s jingle bells, chestnuts roasting by the fire, and sweet sweet egg nog with very special and mysterious ingredients! We know our readers are loving generous gift givers around this time of year so what better way to be a pal to our pals other than to help you out with your gift giving!
We’ll be detailing a few bundles of joy this year including gear and garb that we think you and your loved ones would most enjoy. Each kit will have a theme that ties it all together so you KNOW you’re getting just the right present. To start it all off, our first gift kit is alllllllllll l&f. That’s right! This pack is full of things specific to the shop and the shop only – from custom down filled vests to embroidered sockery, we want you to know that you can get something TRULY unique because hey, only we’ve got it! Take a look at Gift Kit #01 - click a pic!