Meet the Reindeer Slippers + 2 New SMUs!

Not to brag but we did another collaboration with Viberg and we may have outdone ourselves this time.

Viberg has a new silhouette on their roster and it's a slipper -  but not just any slipper. This slipper is made entirely of reindeer hide in a roasty toast colour. This is a slipper fit for royalty fixed with a topied sole for grip and it's exclusive to lost and found!

What else is new? 2 special make-ups is what! First, a Natural Kangaroo Hide Service Boot. Unlike, the natural chromexcel (we've re-stocked on those and the olive nubuck service boot as well), the kangaroo hide is especially light yet 10x stronger than a cowhide. We're also happy to introduce a buttery brown Snuff Suede Derby shoe as well - an instant classic! There's lots to stick your feet in. Which will you choose?

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