The Classic Silhouette No. 1

When we think of casual at the shop, we think full body tracksuits. With the whole athletic leisure trend we can’t forget about where it started. From The Casuals in the UK to the Golden Era of Hip Hop in the States, the Adidas tracksuit was a global uniform for many. Our boy Holden came through to show us how to rock our first SS17 drop from Adidas. This modern take on the tracksuit sees Adidas modify the sweatpant into a tailored “dress pant”, equipped with belt loops and pleats. A new update on the jacket includes an enlarged embossed Trefoil on the back of the jacket.
The year of the SAMBA! A shoe we haven’t seen in a while, the Samba was regarded as one of the most popular shoes of all time in its 65 year lifespan. Originally worn as a training shoe during the colder months, the German Football Team heavily popularized it during the 1954 World Cup when they wore spiked versions of the now iconic runner. Due to its lasting popularity it has been immortalized in films such as Beverly Hills Cop, You, Me and Dupree and Remember the Titans. Returning this season with a black gumsole, our Adidas Samba features classic black and white leather with contrasting suede detailing. With a shoe so refined since its birth, it is sure to remain a favourite for another 65 years to come.

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