The Viberg Natural CXL Service Boot

What is a Service Boot? Several nations fighting during WWII used this similar pattern as a standard issue military boot. In other words, the basic design has been kicking around for quite some time. The Viberg version is their unique take designed by the founder, Edwin Viberg in 1931.

This version features a natural chromexcel leather upper. Chromexcel leather is cool because of the processes of how the leather is tanned. It's a vegetable tanned leather, but unlike any other, the leather goes through 89 different processes in order to become the final product. In other words, it takes quite some work to achieve this level of quality.

The silhouette sits nicely on a natural midsole and Dainite sole. A little about Dainite: the British company has been manufacturing quality rubber products since 1984 and hasn't changed much or been intimidated by newer, more cheaply made rubbers that don't last the same amount of time. The original design, with no cleats or heavy grooves, is a lesson in comfort while remaining impervious to the accumulation of dirt.

Your Viberg boot is going to be an easy, comfortable fit for most foot types. The 2030 last featured in this model is a single E width and is the most versatile last offered by Viberg. With a shallow profile, it allows for a sleek looking boot. 

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