First and foremost we'd like to say that we have missed all of our friends, family and customers these past couple of months. It has been hard not seeing you all. You are the energy and pulse of the store and not having that day to day interaction has been very difficult.

So, it goes without saying that we are very excited to re-open and see everyone soon. We also want you to know that the safety and comfort of our team and patrons are our top priorities in addressing the current situation. As such, we have adopted the following safety initiatives:

1. Hand Sanitizer at the entrance.
2. Max 5 customers in the store at any given time.
3. Changerooms will only be touched by employees.
4. All clothes will be steamed after they have been tried on.
5. Staff will be cleaning all high touch surfaces and washing their hands regularly. The store will also undergo a deep clean after close everyday.
6. There will be marked Xs at the checkout and direction arrows throughout the store to encourage social distancing.
7. Only debit and credit will be accepted.
Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Sunday - 12-6pm
If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at info@shoplostfound.com or 647.348.210.

Thank you all and WELCOME BACK!