Winter Leg Warmers Galore!

This season at L&F we’ve made a HUGE leap in our stocking of different pants trousers, and bottoms. This post is all about things to stick your legs into and we’ve shot a few pieces to show you how they fit and give you a little inspiration for the fall season.

We’ll start with the sickeningly dope aviation pants from Carhartt W.I.P. Available also in Cypress, they’re a good day-to-day pant that we feel can easily be dressed up a little with the right pair of boots. These bad boys are also the PERFECT bottoms to go with your favourite bomber. Jason wears them with the Converse Chuck Taylor ‘70s High Egret and Spellbound Grey Loopwheel T-Shirt

Next up are some Olona Corduroy pants from Arpenteur. Corduroy is back and you’d better gosh darn believe it! However, these slacks aren’t all about the fancy. They’re versatile and a good cold weather pant as that corduroy will trap heat and help keep you toasty. Jason’s rocking his with the Battenwear Garage Shirt Heather Grey and some classic Adidas Stan Smiths.

As you may know already, we’ve started up with Norse Projects this season and they absolutely did not disappoint in the bottoms department. We’ve got 3 styles in from them but the stand out has to be the Aros Slim Light Corduroy in Light Indigo. Did we mention corduroy is in this year? It ain’t no game son! These are another killer for fit and versatility. From Alden’s to Air Force One’s, it’s going to be hard to find a pair of kicks that’ll ruin this silhouette. Jason is keeping it simple here with a Homespun Coalminer Henley in Off-White and some Nike Air Force Ultraforce One’s.

Last but not least, we have some Wool Nep Trousers from Corridor NYC. We were pretty amped about the 3 panel shirts from Corridor but they’ve got some pretty dope pants to go along with them. Wool pants are always a necessity in the winter and if you don’t have a pair already Corridor is a great place to look. In a similar fit, we also offer Virginia Wool trousers in Navy and both would make a stellar weekly rotation. Jason threw on a Charcoal Filson Mackinaw Vest, Norse Projects Niels Cotton/Linen T-Shirt, and Novesta Star Master Black sneakers.