Summer Essentials: Shorts!

Save Khaki United Fatigue Shorts and Arpenteur Olona Plain Weave ShortsAdsum Bank Shorts and Norse Projects Regin Poplin ShortsBattenwear Camp Shorts and Stüssy Light Twill Beach ShortsS.K. Manor Hill Sahara Shorts and Nike Hypermesh ShortsIt’s summer! It’s hot out! Toronto temperatures are reaching upwards of 30 degrees!!! Celsius!!! It’s time to free your legs from their unwarranted prisons of denim material and canvas-y cotton twills and jump toes first into something cooler, shorter, and way more awesome. Shorts!
How does one decide on the perfect pair of summer mini-pants? We’ll we’ve isolated some of the key variables here so we can give you a few suggestions from our line-up.
First, let’s talk pockets. Pockets are the name of the game. We frickin’ love’em. Back pockets, front pockets, cargo pockets, hidden pockets; any type of pockets really. For shorts with great stashing space, check out the Save Khaki United Fatigue shorts or the Arpenteur Olona Plain Weave shorts! Both are extremely lightweight and expertly crafted in a traditional military/workwear style and with the Olona being a linen option, they are even sweeter come hot time.
Before we get all crazy and what not, let’s talk about some of our simple, clean, easy and wearable options. For keeping it simple, we recommend the Adsum Bank shorts. It’s a straight up and down short - no games about it! They’ve got a relaxed fit with a drawcord waist for ultimate comfort. On the slimmer side is the Norse Regin Poplin short - a clean cut short, made from a cotton/nylon blend with a viscose lining and a water repellent surface! Oh and they look great too.
You need some colour in your life? Not just a bright hat. Not just a nice hawaiian shirt. Why not some pink or purple shorts? C’mon mate. Spice up your life. From Battenwear, in a luscious purple colourway, we have the Camp Short, short of nothing you’d need for actual camping minus maybe a tent. On the other hand, Stüssy provides something slightly more simplified and straight ahead but equally comfortable with yet another elasticized waist. The Light Twill beach short can be your friend in any such occasion which calls for some simple clean pink shorts. They look great with that tiny little Stüssy tab hidden away on the side as well. Hey oh!
Lastly, we’ll talk about some pieces that you’ll be hard pressed to come by ever again! These pieces are one of a kind in their design and execution, and should not be forgotten when searching for the perfect summer short. Starting with a true banger, we have the S.K. Manor Hill Sahara Short, a loose fitting pleated short with drawstrings at the waist. It’s a design inspired by Japanese silhouettes which will undoubtedly take your wardrobe to the next level. Now on the other hand we have the new Hypermesh shorts from Nike. What could be so special about some running shorts you say? These guys are cut from a 3M reflective material and boast side seam zips that unleash an underlying mesh short for extreme breathability. You’ll never run in anything like this!
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