The Selection No. 039

Rocky Mountain Featherbed LS Tee Hoodie White at shoplostfoundBattenwear Camp Shorts at shoplostfoundShuron Freeway Fade at shoplostfoundRocky Mountain Feather LS Tee Hoodie White at shoplostfoundThe Selection No. 039The Selection No. 039Nike Blazer Low Arctic Orange at shoplostfound 371760-801The Selection No. 039The Selection No. 039Ever met Jonathan? He's a co-owner here at lost & found and all around pretty great guy. He picked this outfit out himself and asked us to photograph him in it and we went along with it because he's getting old so we gotta be nice to him. In any event, you can meet him virtually in this very moment - he says hello!

Also saying hello are some Japanese wonders - Rocky Mountain Featherbed and Battenwear. Actually, Battenwear is stationed in Brooklyn. However, the designer is indeed Japanese. Shinya Hasegawa - ever heard of him? He studied briefly under Engineered Garments mastermind Daiki Suzuki. Battenwear itself is pretty dope. So are those shorts!

Rocky Mountain Featherbed is very Japanese but has some ties to the US as well. In fact, it used to to be an American company! The current establishment is the rebirth of that very same name. What a story! Check out our post on RMFB for SS17. Also, the hoodie is really cool.

Need some icy pink Blazers? Look no further. Funny enough, the style colour on these actually says arctic orange but we'll go with pink instead. Enjoy!

Shuron Freeway Fade
Rocky Mountain Featherbed LS Tee Hoodie White
Battenwear Camp Shorts
Nike Blazer Low Arctic Orange

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