The Selection No. 086

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If you know anything about us, it’s that we like things laid back and low-key. Our latest Selection has some floral pop to break things up but don’t be fooled, you can’t get any more chill than this. 


With our newest brand serving as our top layer for No. 86, the Sage de Cret A Plainly Coloured Jacket takes the liner jacket to new heights! The ribbon weave detail running throughout the body is a subtle addition that calls back to the quilt stitching found on the original versions. Made with a wool blend fabric, you should be able to get through most of the season with it worn as a jacket, but with its liner origins it’ll help you through anything. Engineered Garments always has a standout print each season that never misses the mark. Their latest Classic Shirt comes in a pink floral jacquard reminiscent of vintage couches or pillows your grandparents might have had. While this piece might be a bit loud, when paired with darker tones, it's hardly noticeable. If you can’t get the chance to see this piece in person, know that its weight alone is a good enough reason to switch out of your staple flannel for a season.


Sassafras has become a core part of the L&F family and their Fall Leaf Pant is one of the best staples in the shop! This season, they’ve come in a beige corduroy which adds to its work focused designed and durability overall. With 8 pockets in total, the functionality and potential misplacement of items is something we all could use. 


Now that the main fit has been covered, let's get down to the top and bottom of it. Dom Vetro is the only sunglass brand we have and the only one to look out for. Handmade in California with Italian sourced materials, these minimal frames come in a wide variety of colours for any style - the easy choice here was rose. Keeping the soles of our feet comfortable for long strolls through the city, the 993 from New Balance is a throwback favourite we need more of. In a familiar grey colour way, you can’t go wrong in rounding out any set of gear you have on hand.


FW19 is coming in on a daily basis, so you know we have more surprise for you coming up! Stay tuned for more Selections on the way and hit the links below to check out all the details.

Dom Vetro M-01 Rose Mineral Glass Lens
Sage de Cret A Plainly Coloured Jacket Charcoal
Engineered Garments Classic Shirt Pink Polyester Floral Jacquard
Sassafras Fall Leaf Pants Beige
New Balance MR993GL Grey

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