Barena Venezia

Shirt Donde Briga Tofu


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About the product

  • This shirt has a lot going for it. Pockets, colour and fabric. Let me break it down. Pockets, well boys and girls, we got hip ockets and a chest pocket, meaning three pockets all together, which means, an abundance of pockets. Two, the colour. Just zoom in or zoom up, whichever way once you get into the individual lines you know this is a special colour. And finally, fabric. It's linen people. And you know what that means...summer ready and we are all about the summer. Wear it closed, wear it open, wear it inside out, any which way you will look good, other than inside out, that's just not practical. 
  • Overdyed check cotton linen
  • Patch chest pocket & hip pockets
  • Straight hem
  • 50% linen 50% cotton
  • Made in Italy
  • Model is 6’0” (183cm) tall, weighs 160lbs (73kg) and is wearing a size 48