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Knit Shirt Seersucker Sax

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About the product

  • Normally our descriptions are not informative but we're about to drop some knowledge. Say you're at a party, or at the park throwing a frisbee or even at a Formula 1 race, people will ask you about this shirt. And in response you're going to say, well I'm glad you asked. This is seersucker. You see these ridges (points to shirt) they're meant for the heat so it doesn't stick to your skin from sweat. And people will look at you both impressed of your knowledge of fabric but also just straight up how smart you are.
  • Chest pocket
  • Double button hem with button tab waist adjusters
  • 83% cotton 17% polyester
  • Model is 5’8” (172cm) tall, weighs 130lbs (59kg) and is wearing a size S