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Upland Vest Multi Color Poly Acetate Lurex Jacquard


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About the product

  • Well, we went crazy with this one. We needed to find the one piece that had ALL the colours and all the prints in one. And we did. it was just that easy. You can literally match this to any floral, colour or animal print in the Universe. I use the term Universe loosely as we've barely left earth. It would be like taking the garbage to the end of the driveway and stopping. That's how much of the Universe we've discovered. I digress, this is just one bad ass piece.
  • Curved snap button pockets
  • Oversized wrap around hip patch pockets
  • Additional button tab
  • Removable military buttons
  • 57% polyester 31% acetate 12% cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Model is 6’0” (183cm) tall, weighs 160lbs (73kg) and is wearing a size M