Converse Case Study Pack: Bobby de Keyzer & Sage Elsesser

Converse Player Bobby de Keyzer and Sage Elsesser 2 shoplostfoundConverse Player Bobby de Keyzer Sage ElsasserWith collective roots from Toronto, Los Angeles and New York, Bobby de Keyzer and Sage Elsesser have teamed up to create a ‘Case Study’ on what makes Converse an originator.

Featured in multiple videos and backed by various brands like Blue Tile Lounge and Supreme, these skate creatives definitely know what makes a good skate shoe. Influenced by their shared passion for authenticity and quality, the 60’s and 70’s played a large role in the design process.

Reaching deep into Japanese sneaker culture and sport icons of the time, the resulting pack is something every Converse fan can get on board with. Using an almost ribbon like textile across both sides, these mainly tonal shoes feature custom sole detailing, reinforced seams and an old school insole for kicks.

Releasing today in store and online, we hope to see more from this duo in the future and at the end of the day we have to show some love for this homegrown collaboration!