Gift Kit #04

We're back again with another Gift Kit for the holidays! We're taking it to the east this time; the FAR east. The J to the A to the P to the A - N. You got it. Everything in Gift Kit #04 was Made in Japan with love, for the man who appreciates a good appreciation of American quality goods. There's a whole lot of Real McCoy's, Sassafras, you name it. Click a pic to see a gift!

Sassafras Sprayer Pants Black

The Real McCoy's MA14102 Knitted Watch Cap

Rostersox What's Up Sock

Spellbound Standard Trousers Indigo

Sassafras Green Thumb Shirt

The Real McCoy's MJ15115 MA-1 Flight Jacket

The Real McCoy's MS10102 U.S. Navy Chambray Shirt

Sassafras G.D.U. Jacket Olive

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