New for Fall/Winter 2017 - PAA

PAA Anorak Two Chocolate Fondue at shoplostfoundPAA Long Sleeve Tee Khaki at shoplostfound, 1PAA Long Sleeve Tee Khaki at shoplostfound, 2PAA Pocket Tee Olive at shoplostfound PAA Pleat Cap Olive at shoplostfoundPaa isn't just overly simplified clothing for clunky-sneaker-wearing sports dads - as some would say. It's about a reinvigorated take on the athletics of a bygone '90s era and the simplistic feel that lends that to that very emotion. Enter, unmarked, almost seamless, basic made in USA t-shirts and ball caps. They boast their uniqueness in material and construction with a substantial look and feel without taking themselves too seriously.