SS21 T Shirt Editorial

Bather, Adsum, Nike and Birkenstock

Bather, Adsum, Nike and Birkenstock

Bather, Adsum, Nike and Birkenstock

Adsum, Paa, Battenwear, Nike and Paraboot

Norse Projects, The Real McCoy's


PAA, Stussy and Nike

MHL, Margaret Howell, Engineered Garments, Paraboot

Venezia Bakery

Velva Sheen, Bather, Nike, Converse


Guys. It's summertime.

If you're living in a similar Canuckian climate as us, then your limbs have been hermetically sealed for nearly 6 months. Now's the time to let your arms breathe and to up your t shirt game. 

First to bat is a long time annual classic, the Velva Sheen pigment dyed tee in wisteria. These guys have been around since 1932 and obviously know what they're doing. They threw their middle fingers up to annoying side seams that can warp and concocted the ideal every day, every person's t shirt. 

Other heavy hitters here are the MHL matte jersey tee and PAA long sleeve pocket tees. Heavier in weight and more structured, these are great tees to wear for a lunch with mom. 

If a fun tee is your thing then Bather's Happy Hour tee is the one for you. If a banana in a hammock doesn't make you smile and giggle like you're 5 again, then what will?

To round it all off, the Adsum core logo tee in a buttery pale yellow layered with a tie-dyed Battenwear long sleeve tells the world you're a lover, not a fighter. 

One love, baby. Namaste.