The Selection No. 037

Say it with us: S-U-M-M-E-R! Nothing says summer like a little bit colour. Agreed? If so, check out this week's selection.

Pull out the short sleeve shirts for a bit of breeze to cool you down when it's hot. The big madras check shirt from Gitman Vintage doesn't shy away from the brighter side of things and it's still got that quality made-in-USA feel to it that Gitman is known for.

We've got a hole slew of short sleeve pocket t-shirts from Carhartt Work In Progress for the season so we went with Vegas pink for this fit, you know, to keep things matchy ;)
It's a double dose of Carhartt this time around. Why? Because why not! The fit on the Sid Pant is phenomenal. Also, who doesn't love that Chianti red!

The real star of the show here is our Nike Air Sockracer Flyknit. What a shoe - comfortable, light, and easy to put on! It's a triple threat.

We've got double doses, we've got triple threats, and a whole lot of pink. We think the job's complete for this week's Selection.