Viberg SMUs 2020

What better way to cap off (you'll see how this is a relevant mushroom reference very shortly) a rollercoaster ride of a year than with a tried and true brand such as Viberg? Our latest special make up release with our favourite Canadian boot company will satisfy fungi lovers and scout boot connoisseurs alike. 

The first make up features a beloved leather here at L&F, the Horween mushroom chamois roughout. Elegantly shaped into a chukka, this boot is placed on a sandy Vibram 2060 sole. Built on the comfortable 1035 last, the stitch-down detail on this beauty also adds a touch of rugged class.

For those of you into fuss free quality leather- enter our Natural Chromexcel Roughout Scout boot. You read that right. Natural chromexcel roughout. We turned the leather inside out, and it's just as good. A pure vision of monochromatic beige beauty, this scout boot features a Christy 4014 white sole and a pull tab for easier foot insertion. For a boot that will pair up with 99.999% of your wardrobe, this is the one!