Trooper 6P Shorts Cotton Ripstop Black



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- We liked the pants so much we cut the leg in half and brought in the shorts to cover our thighs. That means you can buy both the pant and the short and really mess with the people you love the most. We call it the quick change. You're entertaining guests and it's the middle of the day. You're drinking a michelob ultra, you're on the bbq and you can see the sun going down. You quickly jump into the house and come out with the pants on. Then you immediately become the topic of conversation. Did your shorts come with legs? Did your pants come with cut offs?! Regardless of how you want to answer these questions you're already the hot topic of conversation at the bbq!
- Six-pocket construction
- 100% cotton
- Made in Japan
- Model is 6’0” (183cm), 160lbs (73kg) and wearing size 3