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Awning Cap (Packable) TORAY Ecru


Only 1 left in this size!

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About the product

  • Holy hell this is incredible. This is hat. With a backing that can be used as a neck shade and a F*%&^NG bag?! Are you kidding me. This is on a whole new level. I will give props where props are due but this is on another level of I'm changing the game. Merv however you spell his last name has officially changed the game.
  • Waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Detachable shade/awning panel can be used as neck shade or bag
  • Panel attaches with snap buttons, features drawcord with fastener, D-rings, clips
  • Deconstructed soft brim made from vegetable tanned leather
  • Elastic back
  • Mesh lined
  • Hand stamped
  • M/L 57-60cm
  • Made in Japan