Type 453 Double Cuff Mandolin Pocket Shirt Bleached Weft Stripe Cotton Canvas Logwood


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About the product

- There are many different versions of a Mandolin. Kitchen utensil, guitar and now apparently shirt. But I think I get it. Maybe the fabric was cut with a mandolin/ Maybe EVEN the cuff looks like a mandolin.However you want top interpret it this is one slick looking shirt that I would be more than happy to play guitar in or chop up some veggies!
- Plain weave mid-weight canvas with cotton warp & alternating cotton weft stripes
- Cut with seams along front body & sleeve, back body & sleeve
- Single long narrow strip that runs from cuff, up the sleeve, down the side of the body, zigzagging back on itself to form side hand pocket
- Seam ends at cuffs with split hems forming double cuffs, with two buttons and two sets of pleats on each side
- Side splits at all four body seams
- 100% cotton
- Made in UK
- Model is 6'1” (186cm), 155lbs (70kg) and wearing 4/L