The Real McCoy's MS20103 8HU Horse Blanket Flannel Shirt Grey/Purple

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About the product

  • Something special you would like to order from The Real McCoy's? Don't hesitate to contact us for all special orders and we would be more than happy to oblige!
  • Sometimes we wonder how literal the descriptions of The Real McCoy pieces are. Horse blanket flannel shirt. Let us dissect this. Is it a horse blanket? No. It is not. So let's get to the inspiration! 'Inspired' by casual western wear from the 1930s. Local tailors would produce many different items of clothing using surplus fabric that was originally intended to be used for making horse blankets. And well there you have it! This bad boy is made from a heavy napped flannel fabric. This shirt is NO JOKE!  
  • Unwashed brushed heavy cotton flannel
  • Flapped button chest pockets
  • Resin buttons
  • Curved hem with unfinished serge detailing
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan