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MS21001 Rayon Hawaiian Shirt / Flying Tigers Yellow

$485.00 cad
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About the product

  • Something special you would like to order from The Real McCoy's? Don't hesitate to contact us for all special orders and we would be more than happy to oblige!
  • Well, they did it. They got us again. Rayon, flying tigers, hawaiian shirt. Come on man. Who is NOT buying this shirt?! I'm calling sell out, and if we don't then I'm grabbing the rest of them and will wear each size over the years as my body changes so that I can ensure that I have one of these shirts for the rest of my life. You think I'm joking...
  • Hand silkscreened rayon crepe
  • Chest pocket
  • Open collar
  • Machined bamboo buttons
  • 100% rayon
  • Made in Japan
  • Model is 6’0” (183cm) tall, weighs 160lbs (73kg) and is wearing a size L